We take care of the NFT infrastructure so you can focus on your application.

With data, insights and first hand knowhow from Nuqtah’s creative marketplace in the region, Nuqtah is able to validate needs, behaviours and feasibility adapted to region.

Our Services

Build Your Storefront

Brands and owners can build a storefront allowing access to the  decentralized web as easy as uploading a logo and brand color

Mint Collectibles

After the collection is defined,

digitize your items with the click of a


NFT Artists

Get access to local and Web 3 oriented artists for exclusive NFT collection or marketing stunts.

Define Collection

Organize collections to indicate scarcity and allow buyers to browse collections.


Auto execute sale of digital item

and transfer of ownership with no

code or human interaction needed.

Then allow for secondary trading


Let us get you WEB 3 and blockchain onboarded via our private workshops and consultations.