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Raghad Al Ahmad
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Raghad Al Ahmad
Raghad Al Ahmad
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Featured artist:
Qamar Abdulmalik

قمر عبدالملك

Qamar Abdulmalik is an artist based in Riyadh. Using collage, video art, and new media, Qamar creates installations that draw from her personal experiences as a palestinian refugee, the global systems that impact the arab diasporas, and brings focus to the seemingly mundane day-to-day happenings that are prominent struggles in the lives of undocumented immigrants. Abdulmalek has exhibited at Art jameel photography award-AJPA [ 2016 ] Live demo [Jeddah, 2017], epicenterX [2017,Detroit] Desert to Delta ,[Utah, 2017], and MNWR at almakan [2018,Jeddah] , YSA at Athr Gallery [2019,Jeddah] 
Saudi art council [2021, Jeddah].


Featured artist:

Raghad Al Ahmad

رغد الأحمد

 Raghad views herself as and artist, always keen to learn new things and broaden her horizon. The art pieces she created fall under collage or mixed media with a very clear inspiration from the region. She believes art will always remain her primary method of expression.


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