Saudi’s 1st NFT Marketplace, NuqtahNFT signs Strategic Partnership with NewYork’s Consensys

This agreement aims to transfer the knowledge and expertise of Consensys to empower

Web 3 startups in Saudi Arabia in-line with the Kingdom’s vision to become a hub for


ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum software company, known for their ownership of

Metamask, infura & Ethereum see very high growth in the region for web 3. According

to their Partnership lead Ian Wallis,; “with Nuqtah’s existing Infura & Ethereum

infrastructure, the potential in the Saudi market is huge & we are very excited to be

launching this strategic partnership with NuqtahNFT, Saudi’s leading NFT marketplace

to provide even more functionality & empowerment of creatives in the MENA region.”

Salwa Radawi, CEO of Nuqtah commented: “Our mission is to spearhead the adoption

of Web 3 in MENA, by tirelessly developing and enabling a complete and robust

infrastructure, tailored specifically to the MENA region originators” Salwa also added:

“This partnership is only the beginning of our opening and humazining this new space.

It not only opens a great deal of opportunities for us and fellow web 3 startups within the

industry but also ensures that we are able to transfer this knowledge and localize it for

the region.”

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